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Many Different Hearts Beating

Kingdom Come are one of the most unique bands in heavy music. Their works defy classification – neither critics nor musicians themselves are able to put them in a specific genre. The one to blame for that is, of course, Lenny Wolf, the band’s founder, main songwriter and irreplaceable frontman. It’s been two years since the last Kingdom Come album saw the light of (or even four years, if we do not count a compilation, even with a few....

Рецензии на "Outlier"

Слава и богатство никогда не имели особого значения для главного вдохновителя Kingdom Come гера Ленни Вольфа. Все более чем 30 лет, в течение которых он являлся основным художником хард-рока, его основным желанием было продолжать развиваться. Его кредо всегда было: честность перед коммерческими соображениями. «Естественно, нет никого счастливее меня, ведь мою музыку боготворят столько поклонников, – говорит он, – но даже этот аспект ....

Interview with Lenny. May 2013

Kingdom Come’s 1988 debut album made them a household name internationally. With a catchy, commercial appeal and a similarity to the heavy blues of Led Zeppelin, the band immediately shot to the top (the single “Get It On” was a radio darling for quite some time). But with quick stardom comes envious peers and sharp critics. Vocalist Lenny Wolf took the critiques in stride and has persevered, as he has turned Kingdom Come into a long....

"Outlier" review by Powerplay May 2013

Back in 1988, Kingdom Come came out of nowhere and nil hard with their debut. Fans, MTV, and radio loved it, but many critics hated it. The world was looking for the next Led Zeppelin and Kingdom Come was it. They, unabashedly, look Page's rhythms, Bonham's drum patterns, and Plant's vocal inflections and made them their own. The band and album soared lo incomprehensible heights in a very short period of time. However, as ....

"Outlier" (2013) reviews

Of all the characters to emerge in the ongoing soap opera that is the hard rock world in
 the last three decades, few are more enigmatic
 or harder to pigeonhole than Lenny Wolf. His
 Robert Plant infused voice first hit international
 radar screens with Stone Fury in the mid 80s; 
their brief two album tenure - 'Burns Like A
Star' in '84 and 'Let Them Ta....

Blowin’ Wind With Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come, March 2011

Kingdom Come might be a name you remember from the past. They put out two albums in the US that charted well for them and spawned hit singles like “Get It On”, “What Love Can Be” and “Do You Like It?” Very few may know that For well over 20 years, Lenny Wolf has been releasing music with his band Kingdom Come for well over 20 years. Lenny Wolf still manages to bring his creative vision to life releasing some amazing albums such as “H....

Kingdom Come | Led Zeppelin - Myths & Facts

I guess these are the most known and still unexploded myths about Kingdom Come...

MYTH: In one of their first big interviews the band Kingdom Come have said that they have never heard Led Zeppelin!

FACT: In fact, it was a cut from a Danny Stag's phrase (lead guitar), when the band was asked for a thousand time about the Led Zeppelin "cloning" he couldn't stand anymore and started kidding, saing "Oh, no! Not this q....

File-O-Facts: Lenny Wolf
 of Kingdom Come

Name: Lenny Wolf
. Star sign: Pisces - Rising sign: Sagittarius
. Place of birth: Hamburg-Germany
. Now based at: Hamburg - and still a little LA
. Level of education: below average - street wise;-)

First instrument played: Accordion
. Current instrument: Vocal, rhythm guitar, bass, little keyboard. Last venue played at: Rock festival in Sweden
. Last gig attended: Rock festival in Sweden

Turn On: L....

"Ain't Crying For The Moon" (2006) reviews

Lenny Wolf strikes back with a new Kingdom Come album, this is more of a soloalbum from Lenny where he has done most of the work by himself with a little help from various unknown musicians. I really like Lenny's two albums with Stone Fury that I think is great AOR/MHR albums and the first 4 albums with Kingdom Come are good stuff. But after Bad Image (1993) I have lost my faith in K.C and the following albums has been pretty w....

"Magnified" (2009) reviews

When I listen to Kingdom Come's latest release Magnified, I can't help but feel this is how Steelheart's last album should have sounded. Both CDs are far removed from the band's original days, but in the case of Kingdom Come vocalist Lenny Wolf hasn't changed a bit. His voice isn't hidden in distortion and overdubs, and even though the music itself has 'matured', at least fans can still relate to that voice. That simple fact mak....

"Independent" (2002) reviews

It's funny how things comes back like cycles, many bands returns to their sound in the beginnings. And so do Lenny Wolf with his Kingdom Come, it's his 8th album under that name but for those who remember his works before that know about the 2 great Stone Fury albums he did with Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child).

As a matter of fact so does this new album sound a bit like Stone fury at some moments and also the magnificent thi....

Interview with Lenny Wolf, may 2011

Back in 1988 and soon after a young German rocker moved to LA to pursue his musical ambitions, Lenny Wolf achieved his dream when the debut album of his new band Kingdom Come reached platinum status. The comparisons with Led Zeppelin were inevitable and in the end, this lead to the band's demise years Joter. Returning to his hometown of Hamburg, Lenny has not surrendered and still waves the Kingdom Come flag, releasing albums and pla....

"Perpetual" (2004) reviews

Let’s be brutal: Kingdom Come blew their career 16 years ago, with the release of their self-titled debut album, and misfiring marketing campaign that saw the band alienate so many rock fans in America and Britain.

A musical tragedy, because while that controversial first record mimicked Led Zeppelin to the point of plagiarism, subsequently they’ve developed, refined and embellished their style to the point where they’ve hard....

Interview with Lenny Wolf by Classic Rock, 2007

Ten albums on from their debut, and now a very different band, but the ‘Led clones’ millstone still hangs round their neck.

If truth be told, Kingdom Come committed musical suicide a long time ago; in 1988, to be precise, when their self-titled debut album was sent to American radio stations, attached to a rumour that this was Led Zeppelin secretly back together. Compounding that ‘felony’, the band amazingly denied there was ....

"Too" (2000) review by Classic Rock

The hard rock world never really forgave Kingdom Come for their opportunistic attempt at ransacking the Led Zeppelin legacy during the late 1980s. But the group's sole remaining member, vocalist Lenny Wolf, refuses to throw in the towel and still enjoys moderate success in his native Germany.

While 1989's 'In Your Face' opus has stood the test of time astonishingly well, that album and the group's eponymous debut were the pla....

"Rendered Waters" (2011) reviews

When you think to back in the day and remember bands that made an impact right from the start with kick-ass music and stunning vocals, one band comes to mind and that is KINGDOM COME. Yeah, you heard the claims they are LED ZEPPELIN clones but people found out differently as time went by. Ever since that self-titled debut in 1988 fans still to this day go back to that release and reminisce. With many releases under their belt s....

Exclusive Interview to our site

Hello everybody who can hear us!

Today we're happy to talk with a real genius, outstanding man, who doesn't do the same again & again, he's always growing up, not following to the trends. His self development is more important to him than a commercial success. With a man who's faithfully on his Mission during the years... He shares a part of him with us. He shares his deepest feelings and emotions, his wise ....

Lenny Wolf's biography

I was born March 11, 1962 in Hamburg, Germany. The day I was born, the city experienced a catastrophe - a huge flood in Hamburg.

I went to several public schools in Hamburg, since nobody wanted to keep an eye on me ( I wonder why ) and was finally put into a school for difficult children when I was 14 years old. The good thing about it was that they really supported my need to play the guitar, to keep me cool. My first instru....

Full in bloom, April 4th, 2009

FIB MUSIC:  What's new? Tell us about the new album. When can we expect to see you touring?

Lenny:  Don't really like talking much about music. It's something you should "listen" too. But it surely is another growing step for me, in regards of combining sounds and building a bridge between the 80's and 2009. I think Kingdom Come has developed a unique approach of writing. Not doing the same thing over and over again, and taki....

Kingdom Come History

In 1988, after having been signed to Polygram Records, New York by Derek Shulman, Lenny Wolf and his manager Marty Wolff (no relation), were asked to put a new band together. The players he chose for his new band were: James Kottak on drums, Danny Stag on lead guitar, Rick Steier on rhythm guitar and Johnny B.Frank on the bass guitar (for more background see Lenny Wolf Biography).

A very lucky event happened when Lenny ....

Exclusive Interview to our site

Hello everybody who can hear us!

Today we're happy to talk with a real genius, outstanding man, who doesn't do the same again & again, he's always growing up, not following to the trends. His self development is more important to him than a commercial success. With a man who's faithfully on his Mission during the years... He shares a part of him with us. He shares his deepest feelings and emotions, his wise thoughts about our reality. He freely speaks about the burning questions of our society, peace and war... "By storming the cockpit" he wants to be heard, and, believe, he is heard. "Connecting through music" - it's a real magic, which nobody can steal from us.

The name of this man is Lenny Wolf, and his Mission is called Kingdom Come.

We're talking to him: first, to know how the Monsters of Rock tour was and if he already works on the new material, and of course we won't forget to talk about the last album; secondly, to shatter few old dirty myths... and of course to receive the answers to some questions of vital importance, which we hope will help us to understand a little bit more so contradictory personality of a "simple man" Lenny Wolf.


Hello Lenny! How are you?

Hi everybody! This is Lenny from Kingdom Come, and I'm glad to talk to you now! Schabba labba!

1. This summer in Russia you had an accident which made worry all of us: you hurt your back. How it happened? And how are you now?

Oh, I’m fine again, thank you. To be honest I don’t really know what happened. I think the night before Frank and I went for a walk and it was pretty warm and I remember I was sweating quite heavily and then I went to bed - normal, nothing spectacular going on… and the next morning I’ve just got up and I couldn’t move! I mean very-very strange… So I had my tour manager call a doctor and she diagnosed me and it was basically …of my back cramping up so much that besides being not able to move, it was very funny I was crawling on all four to the telephone, I couldn’t even make a phone call, it was really strange but the worst part was - I couldn’t really breath properly and I really wanted to do the show! Vladivistok I remember being great audience and I really wanted to do the show, and when you sing you have to breathe heavily to get enough power for that stuff, and this doctor was so sweet, so nice, he basically carried me to his office making massage for, I don’t know, two hours and… I hate taking medicines and all this kind of chemical bullshit; but I had to do something so I can function. So and then in the middle of the set all of a sudden my back was cramping up so much again that I couldn’t sing, so he massaged me on stage, it was a very interesting concept but it worked, people were great I made it through it and… schabba labba, shit happens…

2. Are you in your "creative bubble" already or you're "reloading your batteries" now?

Basically I’m always doing both of that, I mean just by living life, you know, this is how I charge my battery, I mean its something I said a million times before, and sometimes all of a sudden I just get this urge to go back into my studio, a fire you know, the mixing board and grab an instrument or just… just start doing something and then sometimes something comes out of it, sometimes it doesn’t work, it depends. But right now actually I’m very busy setting up new technical plug-ins…and just dealing with technical issues and trying to find the extra little thing whatever it is, so I have not been writing songs particularity, more like dealing with technical stuff. You always learn, I mean, there always something new to work with and check out this or check out that…hey, Lenny, there is a new rules, little things doing this and that, blah-blah-blah…so… progress! You know? That’s what it is.

3. Is there any material which you’ve been already working on this year, which can be included in the next Kingdom Come album?

Not really particularly, nothing specifically, like I said I’m just dealing with setting up my studio in little different ways and just like basically warming up. But I have not been writing anything yet, I don’t even know what I wanna do right now, what I wanna like rerecord songs or do something completely new – I have no idea right now. So we’ll see.

4. You said once that when you're creating in your studio you often forget to eat or to go to the bathroom, and so you need a nanny; have you find her? Is there someone who bakes you cakes, cooks “borsch” and bring it to your studio in thermos?

I’m still looking for her! Somebody’s cooking borsch, that sounds like a great concept… I like the Russian touch, you know? :) No, when I’m in the middle on writing or like working or whatever I’m very short tempered …and I just cannot really be interrupted, it’s a very intense moment or frame of mind I’m in, so I know I’m not a very nice person to talking to like when I’m in the middle of working. Sometimes I actually have to call back friends and telling them: I’m sorry, but I was like really… They say: yeah… Lenny! We know, we know! It’s OK. I was thinking about switching off the phone but it may be an important phone call so I just have to keep it on. So I guess when I’m really working hard I’m better off on my own, you know what I mean? But it would be nice like when I come out of the studio somebody beautiful sitting down with little borsch ready for me, that would be nice! And taking my hand to go to the bathroom that would be a nice concept, yeah! But like I said I separate the sweet things of life and when I’m working in my studio I’m really remote control.

5. This autumn you played in Europe, supported by the band Badmouth. How did it go?

Basically nice, unfortunately we did not have as many people coming to our shows as we were hoping. I guess the crisis has basically reached Europe as well, I don’t know, I guess or there wasn’t enough of promotion, I don’t really know… but playing with Badmouth was a fantastic situation, I mean truly, very nice guys to hang out with and I really enjoyed that much, seriously! Good people to hang, that was a nice experience, it really was.

6. Let us speak about the "big white bear", Russia, please. Your last Russian tour was “Monsters of Rock” tour together with Scorpions, Alice Cooper & The Rasmus. What did you like & what were you disappointed at during that tour? How did the audience meet you?

Basically in Russia the audience is always great. I mean very nice to us. I mean that’s no issue.  We really like playing in Russia, it’s not just a “nice phrase” I’m using again and again and again…but we really do. We like playing in your homeland, but again, even the “Monsters of Rock” did not draw as many people as everybody was hoping. It seems the crisis really has taking its toll now, I mean I don’t wanna start whining or complaining but it was not as good as we were hoping, I mean speaking of the amount people, but it was a great experience, it was great to see Alice Cooper, who I saw the last time, I believe, 20 years ago in England, unbelievably, it’s amazing how time is flying by… I must have bin 6 or 7 when I met him twenty years ago, something like that, right? :) And that was great, fantastic to see James again, and we actually played together few times, that was great.. and see the Scorps again meeting the guys from Rasmus, it was very nice to hang out… but to be brutally honest I prefer playing smaller places like we did the last time in the theatres and stuff like that and it’s just Kingdom Come or maybe one other band, because moving a big production around like it was with “Monsters of Rock” is a very big issue, big concept to make it all work and there are a lot of technical issues which have always been able to work out, so just like stress, you know, so many people traveling along… You’re bound to make mistakes: oh, sorry, we forgot to take this or sorry we can’t do this… blah-blah-blah… But again, no complaints, it was a great experience but I prefer KC holding up the flag alone when playing in Russia, it’s just more our cup of tea, even in the smaller places – I don’t care.

7. Have you ever met again that angel from the song “Crown of Moscow”?

No! I’m still looking! Every time I come to Moscow I keep looking but I have not seen her again, no. It’s very strange, very strange… I think it was a first time we played in Russia at the Kremlin, and when we came up to backstage, she was standing there all by herself and it was a very strange moment, lasted I don’t know like 15 seconds or something, and she was really beautiful very-very shy, she had very white hands which was cute and she only said a couple of things. The boys were waiting on me, I had to go to hotel, I was a little bit stressed, couldn’t really stay and do a lot of talking & blah-blah-blah, but you know sometimes when the timing is not right things just don’t happen, but like I said I’m still looking, maybe next time

8. Altogether, was there something special that stuck your mind during your staying in Russia?

It’s always something special when we playing in Russia. I think the biggest difference is the emotional exchange the energy going on between the audience and us. I think that’s what makes us like I’m having a special feeling for your people, I think that’s what it is, yah… Maybe it’s a Siberian train, I don’t know :)

9. Once you said you had received so many Vodka bottles, that you can open a store, and what about the presents from your fans and fan art, do you keep it? And do you have a favorite souvenir or a present from your fans? (Except an Apple from the Beatles Fan club).

I was just gonna say that, because this Apple is still sitting on my TV set, I really-really dig the Apple, no, seriously! Maybe someday I will send you a photo of the Apple on my TV :) It’s very nice. What can I tell you? I have lots of very specially shaped bottles which I kept because the shape is so special, you know, and just so…lots of little things - little key chains or like little charming fuzzy things etcetera… But I mean all these thing together like little memories of good times which nobody can take away from me again. But nothing I could tell you right now like this pink underwear with some cosmic horoscope written in chocolate on it, I don’t know…. So it’s just lots of nice little things. But while we’re talking about this… no more vodka, please, alright? :)

10. You said many times that you like the band Rammstein… Maybe you’ve watched their video clip “Pussy” and you may know they produced a new album with sex toys. What do you think of their last material? Where is the cross line between music & platitude in your opinion? Or do you think that everything can exist?

If I’m in the studio & write I am basically privately I’m capable of a lot of funky strange things but regarding of Rammstein’s latest CD I have not really spent very much time listening into it, so I don’t really want to judge it, but our drummer did pass on the video to me… and to be honest I was a little bit “shocked” – it’s a wrong word – but I was surprised, I was wondering… OK, is this like new marketing strategy, do they wanna cause a lot of attention which I’m sure they did by doing that, or are they just like  so drugged out and bored that they just don’t care about anything and anybody anymore… It’s hard for me to say, hard for me to judge. All I know is that I am truly fan of Rammstein, I think the singer he’s a poet, he actually is or was writing books for children, I don’t know if you knew that but that’s a great contrast, I think that explains his strength for playing with words. I mean if you know what he is talking about most the time, I mean it’s really fantastic how he says things… not just what like how he puts it, it’s really fantastic, took me a lot time to get used to Rammstein’s voice since I’m more a melodic kind of a guy and his voice is not exactly like a melodic singing instrument but is very catcharising, charismatic… whatever you wanna call this strong vocal. And I like the guitar sounds, especially the guitar walls which have not been duplicated until today and I really like the dark intensity in combination of the sadness which they put out a lot. But again regard on the video clips I don’t really know what to say, I mean I see all that people’s keeping on an action and I can’t say I’m very excited about it, to be honest I really don’t care. But I don’t think I would wanna show my little salami to get people talking about Kingdom Come, that’s not my cup of tea, you know. Schabba labba… Did I answer your question?

11. What do you expect from the further development of the musical industry? And how do you see yourself there?

It’s certainly is not an easy ride for artists anymore in general. I think it’s getting rougher every year. And I think if you have not made enough money to be independent, I mean speaking of the artist in particular. I think people will find themselves in a very hard place to make a living by just doing music. So I mean that’s basically my outlook on it. I could have join to several bands or projects to make a better pack to make more money but I just cannot do that, I’ve gotta do my Kingdom Come… say whatever it is for the better or worse but it is simply my thing. There is one line I like to use in the song of mine some acoustic song I don’t know the title right now (“Inhaling The Silence”), but “Simple life makes a happy man” and that’s the bottom line. I can only eat three times a day I can only drive one car at a time, so who am I to complain. I’ve seen a lot of rich & very unhappy people and money can be treated in many aspects, it let’s you do things more comfortably like carrying around a bigger production for example and let you do that or this easier & blah-blah-blah, but it is NOT, and I said it a million times before, it is not the key to fulfillment and happiness. If you don’t find that fulfillment within yourself, no money on this planet would be able to make you happy. Maybe on the short term, maybe for a couple days or week when you get into your new car and you think you like…the hotshot… blah-blah-blah but it would not last… So, back to your question, the musical industry, I think it’s gonna get harder every year because like also all the Internet downloads like I-Tunes or music load whatever is… everybody wants to cash in on us - the writers, the creators, but they’re not willing to put out anymore the money like they used to the old days help you promote the record, build the band, give you good advice, give you tour support, blah-blah-blah, all those days are basically gone, now it’s called like OK, write a song, give us a song, we’re gonna put it on some download platform, maybe we put the record on some store, if WE make money, then you maybe make some money too. That’s the wrong way to look at it. The artist is the last one in line making money before anybody else. This is actually ridiculous, it’s stupid, but that’s the way it is right now. That’s why I think playing live is becoming more and more important because they cannot fake four or five people on stage and like have a piracy band pretending they are us. So that’s a good thing about playing live, nobody can take it. But industry once again is definitely a pain in the ass right now, I don’t really know where it’s going but I try to look at it in the positive way, but it’s not always easy. So it takes double the belief, double the enthusiasm and double the power, to last, to survive, to make it work because it has got a lot more difficult. So… which means, gotta find a right woman with a cosmic borsch to help.

12. What did you feel when you entered the big scene on one level with your rock idols?

When I started over I was 23 years old, of course I was really excited, we went stage with Van Halen, Metallica, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, blah-blah-blah, so of course it was exciting, but that’s like was many-many years ago, so nowadays to be honest I’m more concerned about all the technical necessities, OK, that Kingdom Come can sound good, and we have enough space, blah-blah-blah. So when I meet the guys now, it’s like I would say hello to anybody else, like I would say hello to you. If I like you & I’m happy to see you, hi Alice! It’s a same thing. So I’m not running around like nobody is excited, sweating, freaking out, groupie or something. It’s just blah, I don’t care. I say hello to myself every morning when I get up in the mirror and THAT is really exciting. :)

13. Lenny, you often say that “Twilight Cruiser” is definitely your favorite song and it is a favorite song of many people as well. It is known that this song is dedicated in memory of Linda Rogers, so it makes us wonder, who was that person? Sorry, if it is too intimate question…

No, no, don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly OK. “Twilight Cruiser” it took forever to write. I liked the riff and it took me forever to find a good melody for it, very strange. Yes, it is one of my favorite songs and Linda Rogers she was actually one of the first girls I met when I came in the US and we spent not many but very special moments together mostly in LA and then she moved back to New York to live with her parents for a while and we were just hanging out and doing very earthy and simple things and were just get along fantastically. She was never my girlfriend in the sexual sense but she was one of my best girlfriends I had in those days. A great power, it was just a great being with her, just whatever: going to breakfast or buying new shoes, or sitting on a bench, digging our nose, watching the river flow by, whatever, she was just a great girl. And I remember I was in Germany and we were talking on the phone and we actually made plans to get together again when I come back to LA and it was a last time I actually talked to her. When I arrived to LA and I’ve been waiting for a call which never arrived and then I called her company and at first it was very strange, they didn’t wanna talk to me, and who are you, blah-blah-blah, and then I got very angry and I remember what fuck is going on with my best friend, where is she, what’s going on. And then I remember that somebody telling me that she just passed away. I mean it was something, I’ve never experienced before, it is so unbelievably final… it’s not like when you fucked up and treated with somebody really bad and say Oh, sorry Peter! Or sorry Susan or sorry Kate… I didn’t mean no harm, please excuse my bad tone of voice and blah-blah-blah. In this case it was absolutely unreversible, and I’ve never had this feeling before, it is so overwhelming, so tragic, so…brrrow!..  There’s nothing you cannot talk to her again never, you are thinking did I say the right thing the last time we talked, blah-blah-blah… and is there just something that I should have said and so on and so on… But I guess, that something everybody is dealing with when you’re going through the grief when somebody’s passed away… so in the end I just had to dedicate this song to her; that was just my way of saying hello…in a little way, It’s all I could do at that time…

14. Have you made a video clip for “Twilight Cruiser”?

Don’t remind me! :)) Oh, God! Yes, we actually did record a video for “Twilight Cruiser” but I don’t know, for some reason I think cameras just really don’t like me… When I see myself on cameras I think I suck: my face looks ugly, my profile is terrible, I’m never really happy with it, very strange… But we did a video, in the place called “San Peter Odeng” (not sure) near Hamburg, it’s like an hour and a half away from Hamburg which is right near the ocean called the “North Sea”, and there is a beautiful beach, it was one of those endless beaches like hardly any people there at all. And the tides like when the water goes, the water comes back, and when the water is gone the beach is so unbelievably big it’s really beautiful, I love that sea I love the vibe. I got a sofa, a very big red like a fire red sofa. Put the sofa on the beach right by the water and we were all just sitting on this sofa and playing and a friend of mine was driving in the very old Cadillac, I remember her name Maggie, actually she was a friend of mine and.. yes, so that was it. Just some strange video… That’s it. Rock’n’Roll.

But will we see this video someday?

Honey, I have no idea where it is! But the video must be somewhere, maybe I should ask my brother, he’s like mister museum, he keeps everything, maybe he’ll find it somewhere I don’t know. I mean it must be somewhere, check YouTube or something, “Twilight Cruiser” must be floating around somewhere, but then look for some stupid band sitting on the red sofa near closed to the beach, they must be us :))

15. Will we see the video for “Silhouette Paintings” someday?

Honey, you’re bringing up terrible issues right now. If that idiot from LA would get a shit together. Maybe this video is gonna be seeable one of these centuries, I don’t know. That experience made me realize again: never trust people when it comes down to money issues. A lot of good will, a lot of talking, we were getting a great bunch of people helping us, they spent a lot of time were throwing around the ideas, we were digging up, coming up with a great location and had a great concept actually. And now I think that was not easy but it was great. And that that day I left Los Angeles flying back to Germany, all of a sudden everything stopped, I had no idea what the fuck is going on! I mean I was actually thinking about throwing him into the boat dock??(a river or lake?) putting some stones on his feet but then again I don’t think it’s worth losing sleep over such a ding dong I don’t think so. So I don’t know if that video ever gonna be dug up again. Out of the Mysteric channels of… I don’t know, LA wanna be director idiot ding dong, so don’t ask me this question again, it’s making me angry! :))

16. Tell us please about shooting the video for “Living Dynamite”, how has the idea with the flag come out?

I’ve been thinking about the flag concept for a while. But I just didn’t want to do another one of those videos, OK, like… this band going to war, or superheroes, blah-blah-blah… I was thinking about something like how can we make it a little bit different, just different! And all of a sudden, I was driving around with Martina, our manager, in Austria, in like the outskirts of Vienna I saw a lot of tractors and that I saw one of those was very old, made in 50-s – 60-s, really old tractor and I really liked it a lot. And then I was thinking, hey, why wouldn’t we just get this tractor and put the flag on the back of it, I mean this is a different concept. I’m so tired of seeing a two million Harley fucking Davidson, or some wanna be rich guy sitting in some fucking limousine with a cup of ding dongs, spreading their legs or that stuff, I mean how boring can it be. So I just was trying to do something differently, I’m sure that video did not change the video industry, but it gave us a little bit different face and maybe a little “hello” to the public, that’s only what we wanted to achieve, that’s what we did.

17. Can you announce when we’ll see the second video from “Magnified” -- “So Unreal”?

I was hoping you forgot about it already! :) Actually I think any day now. Martina and I just talk about it, she can release it whenever she wants. The thing we were so hesitating with this, I think I mentioned it before, we were working with a very nice director from Vienna and he put all the footage on a hard drive and that guy never made a safety copy like for example, I work in the studio I always put like when I finish the day the whole song and some information I put it on two separate hard drives just in case my computer blows up I still have the songs. And that guy never made a safety copy, so his hard drive broke, so you can imagine, we were so fucking pissed, so angry, I mean about like some minimum safety precaution, he had not taken, so we were bringing the hard drive to this particular repair shop who was fixing the hard drives or I believe saving the most out of it. And they were able to save, like recover about 30% of all the footage, so the video didn’t turn out the way we wanted, a lot of stuff is missing but we finished it and it turned out to be the way it is, just a very simple, black & white schabba labba… “So Unreal” video. But I think she (Martina) is gonna release it very shortly now.

18. We believe that Kingdom Come's music would perfectly do for a good cinema. Have you ever thought about writing down a soundtrack for some film?

How about somebody is writing a film for my songs? I think that would be a better concept! :) I think every band or singer or whatever or artist, who is writing, who has a tendency to write songs with a certain amount of depth or emotional output what we are known for I guess, will certainly suit some type of films. I mean I have not been approach by some director who asked me to write a song or something for a film… But of course if somebody would approach me I will think about it. But there’s so much stuff flowing around from KC which I could add or add pieces in the movies, it’s not a problem. But there’s a lot of fish swimming around and there’s so many bands doing their great job… it’s a question of which director is particularity thinking of asking at that particular time, it has a lot to do with luck, timing which is the old issue again, you can be one of the best song writers ever if you don’t have the particular amount of luck, you know the right time, the right place, the right people pushing you, the right people wanting to hear what you do… if all those points are not coming together, than it’s hard to get the exposure… That’s by the way when I’m talking to you right now it’s, speaking of Radio Roks for example as one very good example for making a big difference when the band’s get some good airplay or not! I mean Radio Roks have been supporting us very well and I’d like to “mmouah” send this kiss to Radio Roks people because when we’re playing in Saint Petersburg we can really see the difference which once again is done by radio support.

Have you ever thought about shooting a documentary about Kingdom Come?

Honey, a documentary… I don’t really know if that is exciting to people to watch me having my coffee or like set up the stage or blah-blah-blah… I do regret very-very much not having been doing a lot of filming, like for example starting out in 88 with Monsters of Rock in the States when I was hanging out with the guys, whether it was Metallica or hang with Bon Jovi… or just like simple things like traveling together through a desert with the boys… We could have done so much more but nobody was running around in those days with a camera chasing us and we didn’t think about it, we just didn’t care! We were thinking it’s gonna continue like this anyhow so nobody wanna to be bother running around with a camera. So it’s something we’re all unhappy about the past, not much footage to be seen. So that’s why we didn’t give it a large thought about producing that big DVD, history or whatever you wanna call it.

We would like to help you with that.

Yeah, but it’s a little late, it’s like 15-20 years ago! But you’re right! It’s never too late, you’re right. So…but then again… do I really wanna be seen like having coffee or sitting in the train, I don’t know, he-he :) We’ll see, schabba labba… Maybe I can show you how I… I don’t know, take a shower backstage, maybe people really wanna see me changing my underwear, I don’t know, maybe that will be actually special concept, he-he-he :)

19. Eric Foerster already told us that he thinks that Kingdom Come's music would do for a dark movie, and that he would like to play the vampire in some horror film. Which types of characters do you like: straightforward positive or contradictory negative? And what character would you prefer to play a part, Lenny?

Oh, God! I don’t know… maybe Kermit the Frog, from Sesame Street, he-he, I don’t know. I mean acting is a passion. A true actor or an actress is looking at the job, I mean he or she is doing it with a passion just like I’m writing songs and I think if you like doing what you do, you like to play different characters just like I like to add different sound to my songs, it’s called progress, it’s called changes, it’s called growing, trying different things. So I would not condemn myself for only one character or something, so I’m not the same guy every day, so… hard to say! But I would certainly, I think I would like to avoid playing romantic movies because they are mostly so boring, I know you women don’t like to hear it because you like the prince asking ya “Do you wanna be my wife?”, I know, but I just (snoring sound) hrrrr…. :)) But hey, schabba labba.

20. If you would be a superhero what power would you have?

I would have to think about it. Who’s out there, we have…Spiderman, we have Superman, we have Batman, who else? I think… on the first thought I would settle for Batman, because I really like driving a car…OK? :) With a nice Twilight Cruiser car, I think I would be Batman but “Bat” with a “d”, not with a “t”, ;))

21. Lenny, how would you describe yourself, your own character? You call yourself a social guy and at the same time as your main quality you’re talking about the impatience which is your strength and weakness. How can you explain such contradictions and how do you manage to combine them?

First of all it’s very hard to describe yourself, especially your own character, this is something that should be left to the other people, not saying it’s always right but… I think judging yourself is very-very difficult ground you’re walking on right now but… let me put it this way. When I’m in good mood and I’m hanging out with people I like and the vibration in general is very easy and nice and peaceful and schabba labba, I think there’s a very social guy in me and somebody who likes to chat and flat and hang out and just be happy camper but at the same time I also can be looked at as a guy you don’t wanna breath around, I know that about myself, I’m not proud about it, I’m not happy about it, it’s just part of me, it’s just I don’t know maybe some wolf in me or I don’t know like very good friend of mine like a girl she’s calling me “Tiger Pfotchen”, Pfotchen is a german word for … is like a foot.. and Pfotchen is like the destruction of a very little, gentle, sweet little foot a tigers… so It’s hard to describe myself… Maybe when I’m 80 years old I’ll finally find the way to be totally relaxed and have found an inner peace for myself, but would it be good for my music? I don’t really know because the anger, the uncertainty, the fears we carry with us, all the love we carry with us, all the trouble people carry within themselves is what makes us unique in one reality and I think it’s reflecting on my music. So I don’t really know, schabba labba.

22. Is there something that you can’t stand in people? And what do you like and appreciate in people the most?

Oh, God… In general I don’t like smart asses, I really hate religious fanatics, any kind of religion. I don’t care, Moslem, Catholic, or whatever you wanna call it, I just don’t like fanatics. And simple things in life, like daily issues.  I don’t like smoking people next to me in restaurants. I don’t like loud people, of course I must love my audience, of course, I love them! :) And people I like or appreciate… people who don’t smoke next to me…to have character is much more important to me than having sweet voice or being in time, I mean loyalty, loyalty is very important for me. Privately or regard of working… it’s just important. I like people who can remain kind to me when I’m totally remote control, I appreciate that.

23. You frequently speak on social themes in your songs; you blame idleness (for example, “Watch The Dragonfly”). You have a family… You are a father! What do you think of the modern world? Do you think that such “two legged sheeps”, “perfect citizens” beget terrorists, which are “living dynamites”? What would you like to say to the young generation? You probably know that you have a lot of young fans.

Basically when I write words for my songs I’m thinking about what is keeping my mind busy at this particular time and I try to put in the words, make it work with the song itself, and that’s how I look at it. I’m not trying to write a book, I’m just trying to express my feelings and lately especially since 11.09 of course this whole terrorist issue has been talked a billion times & should be talked about another billion times, and something which will be going on for a while longer. But this actually brings me back to this religious fanatism, I mean fanasm which is always the worst.  People forcing something on to you. There’s one American saying I like very much: to live and let live, and that’s the message, that’s the key to get along peacefully, I mean it’s not impossible. And I think the most… it sounds like old fashioned, I don’t wanna sound like a smart ass father now or blah-blah-blah. But this is something I realize especially now since I’m 26 years old, what do you laughing? Am I hearing laughing? No, I’m kidding. But since I’m getting older I realize something especially when I’m talking to my Babushka very much which is called “values”. So I come to Moscow for example. Moscow is not Russia. Moscow is like a very unique planet on its own. And we were traveling through out Siberia  for example, I mean I met a lot of unbelievably charming sweet nice wonderful people who did not have much money but they were doing anything to provide us with little things like baking us little cake or giving us tea and hanging out in a little cheapy cottage, flat or whatever you wanna call it, and traveling through Moscow you see lot of controversies, a lot of extremes next to each other, you see a very poor and a very rich a lot of young people, especially young people chasing materialistic things, speaking of money, yeah, basically chasing money so much, so strongly, so hard that they forget about I believe more important things like values which in the old days people were passing on to us. It sounds like, OK, Lenny, is now being a fucking preacher, being a wise guy, I don’t have the answers to everything and I would never even say I do or neither would I claim it and blah-blah-blah, but I hope there is something I realize more and more with the years we’ve been coming to Russia that people are very busy trying to get what is possible and forgetting about basics like being a functioning community and I mean happiness something which is you cannot buy, it can make you happy for a couple of weeks or something, some extra freedom, but the true happiness cannot be bought with money and fulfillment certainly neither. So… nowadays joint ventures are often mistaken by the word “friendship”. And just like multi-cultural behavior is always mixed up with being idiot for supporting foreign parasites, I can go on forever, I don’t wanna get too political right now but I could talk about it for the next three hours. It’s hard for me to point my finger at it. But values is something, it depends on the parents, on the grand parents to kick the children’s ass to make sure they know what it is really all about and it’s not about driving four Mercedes, you know…  schabba labba. I mean of course everybody wants to make sure they get and drive a nice car and have a nice flat and blah-blah-blah, of course! Nothing wrong with it. I mean achieving something on the materialistic level, it’s understandable, it’s OK, it’s the drive, that’s what makes communities grow and that’s what the human race is, that’s what separates us from monkeys, because we are developing, we are inventing things, we wanna improve things and blah-blah-blah, it’s all great… and make people wanna believe something or behave like in a different way, and this is like endless….I’m really have to think about this in more detail to be able to transform all my thoughts especially from a different language so you can understand where I’m coming from but maybe you understand a little what I’m trying to say, do you?

24. What is the happiness for you? What is your motto of life?

Just what I was saying earlier: to live and let live, that’s my motto of life. Don’t step on my toes and I won’t step on your toes and then we should be able to get along, that’s basically my motto of life. I mean I’m in a very fortunate position to have a lot of time while cruising through life basically, OK? I think the biggest luxury today, at least in my opinion, is to have time. I know a lot of people much richer than I am speaking of materialistic money or whatever but they are chasing the money sitting in the office 11 hours a day, coming home totally fucked up, and when they’re 68 years old, they can say “hey I got 2 houses and 6 cars” fucking great! When I’m 75 years old I need a rocking chair and a color TV, I don’t give a fuck about 3 cars because I’m too fucking old to drive them anyhow! So right now to have time - to enjoy what this planet has to offer, take your time, sit on a bench, smell the flowers, hang out with good friends or your sweetheart, counting clouds and just explore what this planet has to offer, simple things of life, you know – whatever. This is fantastic: being able to get out of bed when I want to, not when some alarm clock is telling me you must go work now; that is a luxury. I’m very grateful to be able to live in my dream! You don’t have to be as big as what do I know.. Bon Jovi or I don’t know.. Metallica… you can be as happy or maybe happier with a lot less thing but having time. Yeah! Maybe I should write a song about it! To have time… That’s good, I like that, OK. Rock ‘n Roll. So that’s my motto.

25. What is the harmony for you? How do you cope with the stress or some difficult situations? What helps you to cheer you up?

Maybe I should get into drugs to calm down but I’m not willing like getting to old drug issues…So I guess what is calming me down, basically don’t bark back at me, I know it’s not always easy, but just give me a kind smile, I don’t know, when there are some difficult situations which needs to be solved, show some honest interest to solve the problem and just give me a little time to calm down, then I should be OK. So just like everybody else is getting excited and just you know what comes up must come down again and vice versa. Maybe have a tea… What really helps me a lot is getting a massage. Like a massage I instantly “pip!”. It’s like instant injection to my little brain. I’m one of those guys when I got a right massage it’s like instant peace. I think all politicians should get more massages and then should have a little bit more sex and then we would have less war.

26. Are you still in the habit of shopping once a week?

Did I say that? :) I mean actually I’m normally in the habit of shopping six times a week, no, I’m kidding!, when its raining outside, and I’ve been hiding in this particular shopping mall and I just discovered they have these fully automatic unbelievable great massage chairs! I’m not kidding you! It sounds really stupid this fucking shopping mall with massage chairs, it sounds corny, super tasteless... but they are so unbelievable that …I think to buy this chair… we’ll see, he-he.

27. Can you describe your favorite place to stay? Maybe some particular place in Hamburg?

In Hamburg there is a particular street right on the corner where I live which I call a “flower palace street of Hamburg”. And we have like a billion of different restaurants here all kind nationalities and everyday I like habits, and I have a lot of those. I just go to my four-five restaurants I don’t need to have all of that because I know what I want. I ask people to hang out to have a little coffee with a little cake… Again – simple life makes a happy man. I don’t really go out this much anymore…go to the mass, or a dinner…how cool I am…I’ve kinda grown of that.

28. Do you frequently visit the Official Kingdom Come Forum? What do you like to read there?

O-oh… Now you’re calling me on the bad spots, because to be very-very honest, after so many years being in the musical business I’m so tired been hearing so much bullshit, so much, blah-blah-blah… I really don’t have a time, I really don’t get excited anymore, I didn’t want to justify, explain, from my little German heart, I truly love my fans, like the Unwritten Language, where I talk about connecting with my fans through this Unwritten Language which is connecting us. I’m very happy you all guys ’re around but I’m not really on the Forum, I’m not really chat, nor writing, blah-blah-blah…What have you heard, done, do you think… To be honest I’ve been thinking about being more connective, talking to people more directly… I don’t excuse myself, maybe I’m just a lazy asshole! You know I’m a very private type… I hear about things, but I certainly  not very deeply informed in a daily, I hope you can forgive me, I hope all my fans can forgive me. I want you talk about Kingdom Come, what is concerning you, what would you like, share private issues, I want you to do that, its why I have the forum and if something special comes up, I will certainly react because my brother and our forum moderators whether its you in Russia, or Rebecca and Dave from America - I’m very happy and grateful all you guys are around. I cannot lie, I live my life in my own little bubble.

29. We saw Danny Stag wrote to you on the Official Forum. Would he probably like to rejoin you & do something together?

Danny Stag wrote to me on the Forum? Very strange… That is so typical Danny, always taking strange route… He could have contacted me in a different way, and if he doesn’t have my latest telephone number, James does… what can I say? He was strange, He obviously is still strange, but he plays a great guitar… So tell him Hi, I don’t know…

30. Last summer you played together with James Kottak, Rick Steier and Johnny B. Frank in Los Angeles, how was it like?  Is it possible to do a tour with the original members of Kingdom Come?

Just like I said many times before: I would never say never. Right now, James is really busy and happy with the Scorpions. It was certainly fantastic seeing the guys in LA and being on stage, it was just a small club, we were hang out, it wasn’t planned. And it was fantastic, remembering good old days in LA, but I don’t think, the world is really waiting for Kingdom Come to unite. I don’t really think so. But again… never say never. So schabba labba.

31. Lenny, you probably know some of the bad boring stories (myths) about Kingdom Come and we want to shatter them!! Will you help us, please?
One of such myths is that Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin suited Kingdom Come for stealing their image (note: not music!) and won the deal, is that true? Could it be done because of the envy?

First of all I was one of Led Zeppelin’s biggest fans when I was young. And then I started to get very annoyed when I heard that name, because I got very tired of hearing all this comparison bullshit and nowadays it just make me laughing about it. It’s amazing what kind of these strange stories are coming out. And WHY? such strange stories.. Nobody ever sued Kingdom Come for anything! I have no idea whatever this person was talking about. Any image we could be…we should have stolen… It’s definitely a very-very false information. I mean actually I remember Led Zeppelin in 1972 or 73… they were sued by a record company, I think they were… Willie Dixon… I don’t really know..on contract or something accure… And I think Willie Dixon Led Zeppelin suited for whatever, I don’t remember what it was, for melodies, lyrics, riffs, I have no idea!... obviously there has been something going on….bottom line is that every artist on this planet is influenced by another artist, he admires or once admired. That’s normal. So when I started out I was 14 years old when I discovered Beatles songs, and very first song I wrote by myself obviously had a lot of similarities with the Beatles, that’s just a natural thing, that’s called, when you start writing your own stuff as you grow older that’s you become & add more personality, this is something which takes time & years & so on & so on, many other factors, who you play with, who you’re working with, who’s producing it and blah-blah-blah… So many artists have a tendency to take some characteristics from band that are admired, without even intentionally knowing about it, I mean I caught myself ripping myself off ...and I didn’t even know I did! :) You know, to sum it all up, in the end, I think it’s much better when we started out to be compared to gods of rock like Led Zeppelin, then not at all, right? So that’s all I can say to that.

32. There is another myth. We all know that you changed a lot of jobs after school, and some magazines say that you worked even a women hairdresser. Will you dissuade us from that?

A hairdresser? This is getting funnier by the minute. Honey, if I were to cut somebody’s hair, I would have to run for my life! So I never even touched scissors. Where do people come up with these strange stories? I used to deliver washing machines, the truth is I studied to become a professional waiter, you know like serving food and wine on the table, and I sold fruit at the market, I sold oranges at the market, hehe, anything to make a living in the old days. That’s basically it. OK, I never cut anybody’s hair!

OK, that’s enough about the past….
33. What do you think of the recording the concerts by fans, we mean the bootlegs? Have you seen any?

I don’t wanna step on anybody’s toes, I understand, I was young, of course I recorded songs for my friends, blah-blah-blah. And of course I’ve seen a lot of recording going on and from the fan’s point of view I understand them wanting to take home, let’s say a special memory.  Unfortunately they capture a lot of bad things, like me scratching my ass or something.  So I don’t really want to see something unpresentable or some private moment, but the worst part is when people want to cash in on recording it which they have not been authorized for. So the bottom line is I understand when a fan is recording something for his own memory its perfectly ok, but once it gets on commercial platforms or even worse trying to make a buck off it, that’s when it gets illegal and of course we don’t like it. Just like piracy and downloading illegal songs, in the end it’s hurting the band they like the most because if you don’t sell a certain amount of records the record companies will not take you under contract. So it’s a “Catch-22”. If you like your artist, if you really-really love your artist - buy his fucking record, and don’t rip them off because it’s the only way for your favorite artist to stay alive.

34. Do you still want to make a video "Live in Saint Petersburg"?

Certainly I can imagine doing it, but this is something we can concentrate on once we know when we are coming back to  Russia and under what circumstances we’re coming back,  blah-blah-blah but in general, why not?!

35. Do you plan to tour Russia again in the future? Your Russian KC-soldiers are ready for action!

Ah ha! KC soldiers are ready for action! I like that saying, very good!  As long as the sky isn’t falling too bad we will definitely come back, I mean why shouldn’t we?  Absolutely! Don’t know when or where but as long as I can walk and stand up straight we will definitely be coming back.

36. You said once that you like Russia in winter; don’t you plan to celebrate a New Year in Russia? You’re always welcome here!

smooooch! Thank you honey. I got to celebrate new years actually twice in Russia already, once at the Kremlin celebrating the 20th anniversary of a big Russian band, can’t remember, Can you help me? No, you don’t know? (Zemlyane?) OK, it was fantastic, it was great. And another time in Moscow. And that was very nice too. But this year nothing in particular has been planned, so shabalaba, we’ll see.


Stay out of trouble! Have a wonderful Christmas season. Take care and again stay out of trouble. And say hi to all KC Soldiers all over the world and to Russian KC-Soldiers… And I hope to see you all again soon.
Vielen Danke! Rock’n’Roll! And Rock’n’Roll to Radio Roks! Because you guys rock!
And know I’m gonna rock my kitchen because I need some serious tea, “tchay from hell”, OK? :)) I’ll catch you later and Rock’n’Roll!

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